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How to Make Restaurant Style Creamy Dal Makhani | पंजाबी दाल मखानी रेसिपी | Punjabi Cuisine | Payals passion

Punjabi Dal Makhani is a super delicious north Indian Cuisine. Dal Makhani has originated from the Punjabi kitchens. The dal makhani ki recipe varies from place to place and so does the taste. Almost all Indian Food restaurants, anywhere across the globe serve this dish. Dal Makhani or also called dal makhni, is one of the most delectable lentil recipes from the North Indian Punjabi cuisine. The key ingredients are Whole Black Lentils & Kindey Beans. The whole black lentils are called Sabut Kali Urad Dal or Kaali Dal & the Kidney Beans are known as Rajma in Hindi.

We have pressure cooked the lentils to save time. However, the traditional recipe recommends boiling the lentils on a low flame before making the dal.

Traditionally, the lentils are boiled for a long time before cooking the dal to make them soft. As we are making this at home we will use the pressure cooker to save time. In most Indian restaurants specializing in authentic North Indian Punjabi cuisine, Dal Makhani is simmered for many hours in a tandoor. The slower it cooks the better it tastes.

Now the making process. The recipe is a three stage preparation. The lentils are cooked separately, the Dal Makhani Masala or Tadka is prepare separately & finally both are mixed and cooked on low flame for a long time before garnishing and serving.

It is best served with Tandoori roti, Lachha Paratha, Butter Naan & Garlic Naan. It tastes amazing with Jeera Rice. Serve Vinegar Soaked Onions and fresh green chilies as condiments.

So learn with this delectable & lip smacking dal Makhani at home.


Click here to play the YouTube Video Recipe for Restaurant Style Punjabi Dal Makhani.

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Restaurant Style Punjabi Dal Makhani
The Dal Makhani is a Lentil Recipe has always been a big secret. It finds its place in every menu. Follow this Step-By-Step guide to make this delicious dal at home.
  1. Mix 1 Cup Whole Black Gram Lentils / Kali Sabut Urad, ¼ Cup Black Kidney Beans / Rajma & 2 Tbsp. Split Chickpea Lentils / Chane Ki Dal. Wash properly multiple times and soak overnight or at least 4 to 5 hours.
  2. After the soaking period, Wash the lentils 3 to 4 times again, before boiling.
  3. To a pressure cooker add the soaked lentils. Then add 2 to 3 cups of water, ½ Tbsp. Salt & 1 Black Cardamom. Pressure cook for 6 to 8 whistles. Do not drain the water.
  4. The lentils will be well done after pressure cooking for 6 to 8 whistles. Mix Well.
  5. For preparing the masala, add 2 Tbsp. Clarified butter & 1 Tbsp. Butter to a wok. They are added together to avoid burning of the butter. If the butter burn the dal will have a smoky flavor.
  6. After the Clarified butter & butter heat up, add 8-10 Pcs of crushed garlic & saute for 30 to 40 seconds.
  7. After sautéing, when the garlic starts giving a good aroma, add 1 Tbsp. Kashmiri Red Chili Powder. Cook with Garlic for 10 to 15 seconds. This is done to give our dal a good color & flavor.
  8. Now add, 1 Tsp. Cumin seeds / Sabut Jeera, 1 Tsp. Turmeric Powder / Haldi Powder, ½ Tbsp. Salt, 1 Tsp. Garam Masala, 1Tbsp. Coriander Powder / Dhaniya Powder, 1 Tsp. Cumin Seed Powder / Jeera Powder & 1 Tsp. Fenugreek Leaves / Kasuri Methi.
  9. Mix well and add 2 to 3 Tbsp. Water to avoid burning the spices. Cook the spices for 30 to 40 seconds. Keep stirring while cooking.
  10. After cooking the spices add tomato puree. Mix the puree well with spices and cook the puree and masala for 15 to 20 minutes on medium flame. Keep stirring in between.
  11. After cooking the puree for about 20 minutes. Now reheat the lentils that we pressure cooked. Add some water if necessary. When the lentil come to a boil, add the puree and masala mix to the lentils.
  12. Mix the lentils with the masala and add, ½ Cup Milk & ¼ Cup Fresh Cream. Keep the rest for garnishing. Milk and cream are added to enhance the taste, texture and creaminess of the dal.
  13. After mixing well, use a dasher to manually blend the dal. We will not use electric blender as blending with the dasher enhances the taste.
  14. After blending, cover and cook on low flame for 20 to 25 minutes. The lower the heat the better the taste. Keep stirring to avoid burning and sticking of the dal to the bottom of the pan.
  15. After cooking for 20 to 25 minutes, add 1 Tbsp. salted Butter & ¼ Cup Fresh Cream. Mix well and turn the heat off after mixing.
  16. Dish Out in a serving bowl and garnish with a little fresh cream and butter.
  17. Serve with Roti, Lachha Parantha, Butter Naan, Garlic Naan or Stuffed Naan.
Recipe Notes

Contact Chef: Payal Jethani


  1. Soaking overnight is preferred.
  2. If you have time, avoid using the pressure cooker to boil the lentils. Boil them on a low flame. This would take time but the outcome would be worth the time and effort.
  3. Butter & Ghee are added together to avoid burning of the butter. If the butter burn the dal will have a smoky flavor.
  4. Kashmiri Red Chili is added first and cooked separately to give the dal a better color and flavor.
  5. Use a dashed for blending.

Goes well with: Roti, Lachha Parantha, Butter Naan, Garlic Naan or Stuffed Naan. Add pickled onions and Instant Kairi Pickle to add flavors to your meals.



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