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Microsoft gave up on Edge browser-Long Live Chromium!

There is no denying how deplorably Edge Web Browser has proven to be a complete failure against Chromium web browser.

The software giant, Microsoft, brought in its Edge Web Browser around 3 years ago with a facelift to replace Internet Explorer. The aim of revamping Edge on window 10 was to rationalize the default browsing experience & compete with Google Chrome, Mozilla firefox and other web browsers.


Edge Web Browser1

Edge on window 10 was built from the ground up with a new proffered EdgeHTML engine, which aimed at creating fast, light-weight & secured Microsoft Edge. Despite massive investments and ceaseless improvements, it was launched with a plethora of flaws & issues.

Insight into Microsoft’s New Web Browser

According to recent tech gossip, Microsoft is giving up on its in-house Edge Web Browser & building new Chromium based web browser that will replace Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. The project for the new Chromium-based browser in-process has been internally codenamed Anaheim. However, no information about new Anaheim web browser has been made available on Microsoft’s website. Many are surmising that Microsoft’s new built-in browser could show up in 19H1 Development cycle of Microsoft’s Insider Preview Program.

As per reports, the new browser will be operated by a rendering engine that was first popularized by Google Chrome’s browser engine, Blink.

Edge Web Browser3

Chromium, however, is an Open Source Web Browser Project that was kicked off by Google in September 2008. Today it has gained immense popularity among web browser developers & is prominently used to power Opera & Vivaldi browsers.

Surprisingly, Microsoft is already using the Chromium based rendering engine for its in-house Edge browser on iOS devices & Android mobile devices.

Chrome vs. Edge

The Microsoft Edge’s continuous instability, web compatibility issues & lack of mindshare made consumers & businesses push the company to make improvements.

The competition of Edge with popular browsers like Chrome & Mozilla was hard to rival. The web compatibility issues resulted in users giving the thumbs down to Edge.

Edge Web Browser4

In contrary to that, Chrome continues to rule the browsing world due to its cross-platform compatibility & responsiveness. The rise in the use of Chrome on Macs and PCs & Android’s popularity of Chrome has made web developers favor its rendering engine to optimize their sites.

It is no secret that Google is often the first to embrace web technologies that unfold with the course of time.


No detailed information on the new Anaheim web browser is available; however, consumers are expecting to hear more about Anaheim project from Microsoft soon. According to the conjectures of Windows Central, the new Anaheim can be witnessed in action as early as in April of year 2019.



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