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CRN recognizes Kevin Haley for his contributions

Kevin Haley T1


Kevin Haley, Director, Product Management for Security & Response at Symantec has been recognized as one of the top 100 channel personalities for 2018 by CRN! The efforts and hard-work of Kevin in being the pillar for channel business are commendable!

Kevin has been an integral part of Symantec for last 10 years now. The Primary Responsibility handled by Kevin is to be the torch bearer for all the intelligence gathered from Symantec’s Global Intelligence Network. Symantec, in its declared war against cyber security threats, collect samples from all over the globe to ensure a complete protection. Kevin handles the task to affirm a timely and proper integration of the churned logical outcome of all this gathered strategic information in the recurring product lines of Symantec.

With a successful logical integration with Symantec Enterprise and Consumer product versions, Kevin also ensures an error free module delivery to the end-client. This Chain networking provides Symantec an upper edge in being the market leader of cyber security against Complex & Ever evolving Internet threats & risks. This signifies the criticality and the attention to details, this cyber security Job requires that Kevin has handled beautifully!

Kevin also has appeared as a “Face” for Media as a security expert! Let us acknowledge the hard work and dedication shown by Kevin in keeping the cyber world a safe place!



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