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Lukas Stefanko – Malware Analyst at ESET

Lukas Stefanko


Lukas Stefanko is a well known name in the world of cyber security with a proven track record. His expertise as a malware researcher and the keen thirst for cyber research has made him one of the ace contributors in Cyber, Android and Mobile Security. He has a rich experience of 7 years with ESET– a renowned IT security company established in 1992.


Stefanko stepped in the world of cyber security as a Windows Malware Analyst. After two years, the popularity of Android devices and the challenges faced by it made him continue as Android Malware Analyst.

Stefanko found that research on Android mobile platform was promising and intriguing and the anticipated shift from computers to mobile devices with Android as one of the front runners added fuel to the fire.

As an open source platform, Android has certain shortcomings that make it an easy target for cyber maniacs. The exploitation of different functionalities through malware, such as sending text messages, making calls, taking pictures & recording calls on users’ behalf etc prompted malware researchers to categorize Android malware into different malware families. That is when Lukas began his first malware analysis for Android and stopped working on Windows malware. Stefanko was a whistleblower in spreading the awareness about evolving cyber threats among the general mass.

More than 58 articles on Android malware, malicious apps on Google Play Store, cyber security and risks have been unveiled by Stefanko on social media.

Stenfanko’s popularity has grown over time with his research being discussed in top technical pages. Recent examples are:

  1. Google Play Store Haunted by Banking Malware
  2. Free Ethereum Spinner – A Honey Trap


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