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Why Should You Avoid Cheap Android Phones?

Reasons to Avoid Cheap Android Smart Phones:

Are you considering buying a new Android Smartphone? A sheer range of android devices on offer & all that tech geekspeak can be quite daunting in captivating your heart & alluring you to buy it.

Android Phones have become requisite these days due to the connectivity they provide. They have become a handy package of computer, digital camcorder, music player, games console & much more! You can send e-mails, visit your favorite websites, listen music & stream videos, make video calls, get sat nav-like directions, download shopping apps & banking apps and access documents & social media.


Android t4

While android phones let you do the things above, they go about it in whole different ways. The ferocious competition in the market today has led companies to allure potential buyers with cheap android phones at ludicrously low price. Skillfully, the manufacturers offer android phones that are equivalent to the renowned brands in the terms of features & appearance. Only the flintiest of the hearts could resist the charms of such intriguing offers.


However, one should be careful enough & avoid the purchase of cheap android smartphones as they are stratagem by swindler manufacturers. There are possibilities of obscure pre-installed android malware in cheap android phones.

Cheap Android Phones have Trojan in Veil:

Android is a renowned mobile operating system that was unveiled by Google in 2007. This user-friendly interface has gained popularity & owns a good number of global populations. Though, the core software was developed by Google, it can be customized by any manufacturer. The Android Open Source Project gives manufacturers the clout to create unique features that will draw customers. Such intriguing changes by the manufacturers fill the android device with useful pre-installed apps that can cause pain if uninstalled by the users.

Android t3

In the race to earn unscrupulous profit, manufacturers tend to misuse the opportunity to install third party programs/apps. Android smartphones seem designed to blur the clearly defined line between features offered & security of users’ data.

The malicious pre-installed android malware trick users by displaying leery ads & invasive pop-ups without user’s consent. The intrusive malware may also spy on users’ personal & sensitive information & intentionally sell it to third parties, which can further enhance the frequency of annoying ads. The manufacturers agree to sell the mobiles at a cheap rate while the sole motive to earn unethical profit.

Even the well-known Tech Jargon busters such as Asus, ZTE, LG and Essential Phones were reported with security flaws by Security researchers from Kryptowire, a security firm. Moreover, cyber-criminals tend to embrace mobiles as a new platform for their fraudulent activities with increase in the use of mobile by users for making transactions.


 Banking Trojan seeks shelter in Google Play:

A latest research depicted Google Store being haunted by a new Banking Trojan, Razdel that maliciously gains access to user’s sensitive banking information. This newly discovered variant incorporates Remote access Trojans functions, SMS, interception & User-Interface overlay with disguised pages. Once this malignant app is installed in user’s mobile in seeks permission to display its interface on the other applications. Furthermore, it is programmed to ambush the text messages & run malicious script to scan the device for specific banking apps.

Once the targeted banking app is launched, the malware covers the mobile with a phishing screen to trace login credentials & send it to malware developers.

Android t6

Such vulnerabilities are a blow to Android smartphones & undergo perception that it is less secure mobile platform than Apple’s iOS. In addition to that, the official Android app store was criticized for housing malignant apps that perplexed users in their mush trap.

Google has been working to repair its image by forcing security updates for dealers & pushing out malicious apps. Google is striving to ensure that device manufacturers are following security guidelines while pre-loading certain Google’s apps with its new “Certified Android” initiative. This will require review & approval by Google.

It is a reminder to the consumers to be more vigilant when it comes to buying a new android smartphone in order to protect their personal & sensitive information.



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