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How to Make Easy Minestrone Soup | Italian Vegetable & Pasta Soup | Easy Soup Recipes | Payal’s Passion

This Easy Minestrone Soup Recipe is the simplest variation to the Authentic and traditional recipe for Minestrone Soup and yet it maintains the taste and flavors of the original recipe. This is one pot meal or a full meal replacement soup. Follow this recipe to make it in the comfort of your kitchen.

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How to Make Luscious Chicken Schnitzel At Home | Israeli Cuisine

The classic chicken schnitzel recipe is made by slicing the chicken breasts & flattening them with meat tenderizer. The meat fillets are encrusted with flour, beaten eggs & bread crumbs & then deep fried. It is prominently served with lemon wedges; however people prefer to serve it with fresh Israeli salad & spicy mustard

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