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How to Make Roasted Virgin Mango Mojito | Cuban Cuisine

The word Mojito comes from Cuba. Mojito is a Cuban highball cocktail drink. The primary ingredients are rum, sugar, lime juice, soda and mint leaves. The word virgin is added to the recipe name because we are not going to add any alcohol to this recipe as this is a non-alcoholic drink.

While the traditional recipe still is practiced across the globe, Mojitos lovers have developed a variety of mocktails & cocktails variations to serve this traditional drink with a touch contemporary creativity. Adding the fruit pulp and adjusting to the local taste has given birth to numerous recipes. A Mojito Bible or bestseller can be created if these recipes are collated. Traditional recipe requires a little more sweat & hard work as compared to other mocktails or cocktails. This is because it involves muddling the lemon slices, Sugar & mint, but the final drink is delicious & refreshing and can be enjoyed at any time of the year. We would cover the traditional recipes and almost the entire range of mocktails & cocktails with videos in the coming posts.

Here is the YouTube Video to the Recipe:


Before getting started here are some fun facts & benefits of mangoes. Mangoes help in fighting cancer & losing weight. They are also good for keeping your eyes healthy, cleansing skin, regulating diabetes, regulating the alkali reserve of your body and help in maintaining cholesterol levels. Above all it is an Aphrodisiac fruit i.e. increase virility in men. It is also thus referred to as the “Love Fruit”.

One such recipe is Roasted Virgin Mango Mojito. This Mojito Mocktail is with a twist. The twist is that we are not going to use lemons or muddle the ingredients rather roast the mango. This is specially served in the summers because mango is a tropical fruit and primarily available in summers. Once ready, you can refrigerate the concentrate and serve with breakfast, lunch or dinner. To give this drink a sourer taste, it can also be prepared with raw mango. The taste will depend upon the variety of the mango used to prepare this mocktail drink.

So let us begin:

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Quick, Easy & Refreshing Step-By-Step Roasted Virgin Mango Mojito Recipe
Follow easy & simple steps to learn how to make this healthy, refreshing, mouth-watering, tongue tangling & rejuvenating Mango Mojito at home.
Roasted Virgin Mango Mojito
Cuisine Cuban Cuisine
Prep Time 20 Minutes
Cook Time 5 Minutes
Cuisine Cuban Cuisine
Prep Time 20 Minutes
Cook Time 5 Minutes
Roasted Virgin Mango Mojito
  1. Keep You Ingredients Ready.
    Mango Mojito Ingredients
  2. Place a Grill Rack on a medium flame.
    Grill Rack on Medium Flame
  3. Roast the Mango Evenly over medium flame using a grill rack as shown in the image. Make sure to roast evenly for about 3-5 minutes. Make sure that it is roasted well and the skin starts to turn black.
    Roast The Mango Evenly
  4. When done, keep the mango aside for 10-15 minutes to bring it to the room temperature. You can also cool it down in a pan of cold water with ice.
    Cooldown to Room Temperature
  5. Peel off the mango skin completely.
    Peel Off the Mango Skin
  6. Collect the mango pulp in a bowl.
    Collect Mango Pulp in a Bowl
  7. Add mint leaves, cumin powder, black salt & sugar & mango pulp to a mixer jar.
    Add Ingredients & Mango Pulp to a Mixer Jar
  8. Run the mixer till the consistency of the mixture is smooth and the ingredients are mixed properly and a concentrate is ready. This concentrate should be refrigerated in a bottle or a glass container for further use.
    Blend to Create a Consistent Concentrate
  9. To prepare the drink, add 3-4 tablespoons of this concentrate to a glass, Add water or soda with ice & stir well. Sprinkle a little black salt & cumin powder on the top. Now, garnish the drink with fresh mint leaves & a thin Mango Slice. Serve cold. VOILA! You Roasted Virgin Mango Mojito is ready to serve. Enjoy!
    Roasted Virgin Mango Mojito
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