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How to Make Quick Raw Mango Kachumbar Salad | Sindhi Recipe

Salads are an integral part of meals across the globe. This Gluten Free Instant Raw Mango Kachumbar Salad can be served with breakfast, lunch & dinner. Mangoes as we know are available in summers in the tropical regions. Thus, this quick and easy raw mango salad is a mouthwatering & delicious accompaniment to your meals.

Unripe mangoes are also known as Kairi in Hindi & Ambri in Sindhi. This salad is also called “Kari Kachumbar” or “kachi keri kachumber” in Hindi or “Ambrian Jo Kachumbar” in Sindhi. Prepared with spice & sugar, it is the perfect blend of sweet & spice. This salad adds a crunch to the regular meals and is a healthy recipe for a perfect and instant side dish.

Mangoes are a rich in vitamin C and a loaded with dietary fiber. Mangoes help in fighting cancer & losing weight. They are also good for keeping your eyes healthy, cleansing skin, regulating diabetes, regulating the alkali reserve of your body and help in maintaining cholesterol levels. Above all, it is an Aphrodisiac fruit i.e. increase virility in men. It is also thus referred to as the “Love Fruit”.

Pick unripe green mangoes which are not very sour to prepare this salad. Extra sour green mangoes are the best for the mango pickle during summers. This is a completely no cook, vegan recipe. In some regions of India like Gujrat and down south people add cumin powder, red chili powder & chat masala to this salad.

So without further delay let us begin:


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Quick, Easy & Refreshing Step-By-Step Kairi Kachumbar Salad Recipe
Follow easy & simple steps to learn how to make this healthy, refreshing, mouth-watering, tongue tangling & rejuvenating Kairi Kachumbar Salad at home.
Kairi Kachumbar
Prep Time 15 Minutes
Prep Time 15 Minutes
Kairi Kachumbar
  1. Keep your ingredients ready.
  2. Thoroughly wash the raw mangoes. Peel and chop raw mango, onions and green chili in medium sized pieces. Pluck and wash mint leaves thoroughly.
    Chopped Mangoes & Onions
  3. Make sure to keep 3-4 slices of raw mango with skin for garnishing.
  4. Add the chopped mangoes, onions, mint leaves along with the pink salt & sugar to a chopper grinder.
    Add Ingredients to Chopper
  5. Now coarsely grind it on pulse mode in the chopper.
    Grind the Mixture
  6. Make sure not to make a paste out of mixture. We have to keep the mixture coarse to maintain its crunchiness.
    Coarsely Ground Mixture
  7. Pour the salad into a bowl and garnish with raw mango slices & mint leaves as shown. Garnish it with mint leaves and serve cold.
    Garnished Salad
  8. Serve with any meal.
    Serve with any meal
Recipe Notes

Contact Chef: Payal Jethani

Tips: You can add Red Chili powder while grinding if you like your salad spicy. Cumin powder/ jeera powder can also be used. This should be served cold and preferably to be consumed the same day.

Tricks: Sprinkle chat masala while serving to add to the taste.



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