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Kurunegala Hospital Sterilization Fiasco – A Gruesome Tragedy

From past centuries, Sri Lanka has suffered from ghastly violence. From British invader to Tamil immigrates & from Civil War to Easter bomb blast tragedy, the island country stood tall in every situation. Unfortunately, the list of tragedies is never ending! Here comes gruesome Kurunegala Hospital Sterilization Fiasco tragedy.


Women sterilizing without consent is a Crime on its own.

Dr. Siyabdeen Mohammed Safi, a 42-years old surgeon was accused for this evil deed. The medical sterilization was performed on around 4000 women without their consent or knowledge. 51 women lodged complaint against him on Monday, i.e. 27th May at Kurunegala Teaching Hospital (KTH). The number of complaints rose to 119 on Tuesday. Till Wednesday evening, around 70 new complaints were filed at KTH.

The television news featured the statements of the victim patients. Shockingly, most of the patients said, that Dr. Siyabdeen has delivered their baby by a standard Caesarean surgery. Since then, they have faced issues in conceiving the baby. Hence, it is believed that the doctor must have performed medical sterilization on them.

The accused Kurunegala doctor arrested last week by special Police force. Dr. Siyabdeen was questioned over the crime and his dubious wealth. He was also inquired for connection to any terrorist organization.

The Health Minister Rajitha, cast doubt over the subject and retorted at media, “You all would not have these concerns if this doctor was a Sinhalese! Since the doctor is a Muslim you have an issue…” On the other hand, the Health Minister & Government Medical Officers Association (GMOA) locked horns over the Kurunegala Hospital Sterilization issue. GMOA Secretary, Dr. Naveen De Soysa, refused to accept the results of Ministry inquiry. He believes that, the results will be politically biased.

Hence, a special committee was launched by Ministry of Health to investigate the allegation. The committee includes, Gynecologists and representatives of Sri Lanka Medical Council.



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