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Sri Lanka Attacks- Savage Act Of Violence In Easter Sunday Address

2019 Sri Lanka Easter bombings complete chaos: Cruel act of violence

This Easter Sunday bomb explosions addressed the huge destruction & depression on a day of worship, with powerful explosions blasted within churches & hotels.

On Sunday morning the attacks hit 3 Catholic churches and hotels in the archipelago nation Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka attacks- Savage act of violence in Easter Sunday address

According to sources the casualties rose to 290 & left more than 500 men & women wounded across the nation. By the day’s end, the foreign ministry had declared that at least 27 foreigners including 6 Indians died in this brutal suicide bom blasts.

Nations that have confirmed its residents were killed in the horrendous attacks include the United States, China, Japan, Portugal, Britain & India.

References also revealed that the police had taken 24 people into custody & probing them about the connection with the series of disastrous death bombardments on Easter Sunday.

No terrorist group has yet declared liability for the Sri Lanka attacks ; though security intelligence had previously warned concerning the intimidation from a progressive Islamic Group.

On Monday, the national curfew was lifted, to restrain the scope of misinformation the administration blocked primary social media and messaging services that involve: Whatsapp & Facebook.

Pope Francis condemned Bomb Blasts in Sri Lanka & expressed heartfelt contiguity to all the sufferers of the wicked act of brutality.

He also appended: I consign to the Divinity all who died tragically, I will pray for the injured & who suffered because of this terrorized Sunday bomb blasts.



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