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CLEAR biometrics lands at the Boston Logan’s Airport in US

With the introduction of CLEAR biometrics technology, it is now speedy to pass the Boston Logan International Airport’s security checkpoints. The CLEAR pods have been installed at terminal A. Members of CLEAR programme, can verify & get scanned the security checkpoints quickly with their biometric identity memberships.

CLEAR biometrics

Gina Bruzzichesi, The CLEAR’s EVP of Operations, has stated that, they are proud to offer Boston’s citizens new jobs. They aim to make travelling to & from New England safe, easy and pleasurable, she added.

Boston Logan International Airport’ (BOS) is the 29th Airport in CLEAR’s network.

The CLEAR biometric technology at Boston transforms the consumers’ card into biometric ID. It simplifies the verification process and exempts members from ID verification and scanning of boarding pass. CLEAR biometrics system enables passengers to encounter a new security experience at Boston Logan’s Airport.

Across the United States, Biometric identification system is deployed in many airports & sports stadiums. Apart from that, you can also buy food and drinks in selected cities. U.S. is the home for more than three million CLEAR members who claimed to enjoy the CLEAR biometrics security system.

The CLEAR membership costs only $15 per month, which is paid annually. To avail the benefit of adding upto 3 family members, you only have to pay $50 each annually. Children under 18 years of age are free to use the CLEAR lane. The only condition is that, they must be accompanied with their family members.

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has certified CLEAR as Qualified Anti – Terrorism Technology.



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