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Future Of Fashion Show Unveils 29 Unique Looks From FIT

Fashion, delineating it is not an easy task as Fashion is not same for all. For some fashion is the trendiest looks while rest defines fashion as Comfort. Fashion is not about divulging but carrying yourself elegantly. It also calls to the creations of designers, technologists and design managers. FIT provided a platform to explore the inimitable 29 out of the box looks in its annual Future of Fashion Show – 2019. This year Fashion Institute of Technology sheds light upon Street style and Athletics Capsule collection instead of the cocktail appearance.

FIT Fashion Show

Now that the reconnaissance in one of the biggest fashion shows – Meta Gala 2019 has culminated. The creativity and artistry of the graduating students of FIT has been introduced to the Fashion World. Troy Richards and Joanne Arbuckle, the Dean of FIT together planned a wonderful show to exhibit inventiveness of the students. The top charted Dyne designer – Christopher Bevans with the expertise McLeod appraised the fantastic runway show.

The Richards complimented the students by quoting that the talented graduates brilliantly publicized the marriage of sports, street and high fashion on the Ramp.

Some awe-inspiring looks advertised in FIT’s Future of Fashion Show at a glance:

  • Christina Colucci’s comfy sportswear hit the ramp with thermo-chromatic and PVC-quilted snowsuits. The fusion of the two left the audience spellbound.
  • Nadia Hunt’s amorous intimate apparels bang the fashion show. Sheer silk-chiffon pants paired with open-back, halter-style bra looked jaw-dropping.
  • A new challenge was taken by Ivy through knitwear. With cropped sweater, distressed shorts and hand-crochet fanny packs on the runway show, he gave a new definition to Mr. Perfecto.
  • Lastly, Gwen Hine – the winner of Critics award showcases her exclusive range of special occasion wear in the Future of Fashion show. She flaunted her unimaginable blend of Street style and Athletics Capsule collection. Her unique attraction was her sporty white evening Gown with hooded top and drawstring ruffle skirt.

This point in time, the street wears is overhauling the cocktail attires. The latest Fashion news revealed that even the famed Fashion & Style Magazines are bound to inscribe about it.  It is impressive to see the curiosity of students in Athletic – style garments which convey the application in our everyday lives.



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