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Rihanna receives her First Fashion Award in 2019 from Janet Jackson

The Fashion Award 2019 took place in London, England, where Rihanna was recognized for her luxury Fashion house Fenty. She won the Urban Luxe award and it was presented by the iconic Janet Jackson who happens to be Rihanna’s idol.

Rihanna & Janet.Jackson together

If you are aware of Rihanna’s story, then you might remember that when she first entered into the music industry, she talked to MTV about her inspirations. She idolized Destiny’s child, Whitney Houston and Janet Jackson in particular. Rihanna wanted to be just like them. She credits those three legends who inspired her to follow her dream. Rihanna went on to create chart-topping music albums with renowned artists and established the Luxury Fashion brand Fenty.

Rihanna was visibly thrilled to receive her first fashion award in 2019 from her role-model Janet Jackson. Both Janet and Rihanna are trailblazers known for bringing up luxury fashion brands for black women. While Janet was the first person to do so, Rihanna followed in her footsteps. She made Black women feel special and promoted them as an upcoming customer base for fashion and beauty. Both the legends went through a lot of hurdles. But they emerged victorious in encouraging black women to embrace their beautiful self.

Rihanna at Fashion award 2019

The 2019 Fashion Awards in London gave an opportunity for the legendary stars to meet and have a great time. The British Fashion Council established the award as a way of honoring fashion brands which break the mould on casual brand designs. While Rihanna wore a mint green Fenty mini-dress with a transparent mini jacket, Janet Jackson flaunted a black fur jacket and a matching hat to the exciting event. Both of them looked gorgeous.

There have been speculations that Rihanna is working on a New Music Album. While there were no announcements made by her, we might have to wait for it till 2020.



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