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Lady Gaga Makeup Line at the verge of its Launch!

Good News for Gaga Enthusiasts! The long-awaited Lady Gaga Beauty Line is finally set for launch!

The renowned pop icon, Lady Gaga is about to conquer the fashion world with the launch of her Makeup Line, Haus Laboratories this September.

The 33 years-old American singer & songwriter, Lady Gaga, posted a video on her social media account yesterday & announced the commence of her much-awaited beauty line. The actress stated that at Haus Laboratories beauty is defined as how a person sees himself/herself.

Lady Gaga @HausLabs

The video has been featured to promote the lady gaga makeup line. The Celebrity can be seen surrounded with crowd of super-cool models wearing metallic makeup.

Lady Gaga Believes Color has the Power to Transform

Lady Gaga recently appeared for an exclusive interview with the Business of Fashion. The actress, in the interview, revealed that her Beauty Line Collection will incorporate three distinct make-up kits at a relatively affordable price of $49. The kits will contain multipurpose items for cheek, eyes & lips in 6 different shades & color families. The actress is holding her hopes high & expecting that her brand will be at the other extreme of the face-tuned & filtered world created by Social Media.

She believes that color has the power to transform & beautify.

Rumors & hints about the Lady Gaga Makeup Line have been swirling around for over a year now. The name for Celebrity Beauty Line was trademarked last year in the month February.

The latest hint was reported last week when an official Instagram account named @hauslabs was created. The account featured some promotional images wherein Lady Gaga can be seen wearing makeup. Following this unexpected sneak-peek, the internet witnessed a clamor from the Gaga Fans.

What’s Makes Lady Gaga’s Beauty Line Different?

What makes Lady Gaga Makeup Line different from other Celebrities’ Beauty Line is its exclusive launch on Amazon.

Yes, Haus Labs will be first-ever major Beauty Line to mark its way to Amazon, world’s largest online retail destination. This way, Lady Gaga’s Makeup Line will hit nine countries in three different continents at the time of its launch.

Fans will be able to get Haus beauty cosmetics and skincare products in magnificent one & two-day shipping. In addition to that, Haus Beauty products will be available for purchase on Haus’s website when it becomes operative in September this year.



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