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Coronavirus Epidemic – Now a Potential Global Pandemic

The 2019-nCoV or human Coronavirus outbreak that emerged from Chinese city Wuhan in December 2019 has taken over around 47 countries. The virus is now on every continent, except Antarctica, the sources state.

Coronavirus pandemic 1

As per the latest update, nearly 3000 people from around the world have succumbed to this deadly Coronavirus infection, while over 85,000 have been rendered infected.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has urged the world to gird up for a potential Corona Virus Pandemic. Calling Coronavirus outbreak a pandemic may be early, however, the countries should stay prepared, says WHO. The Director General of the WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that the novel Corona Virus has pandemic potential.

Please note – Pandemic is a condition when an epidemic (of infectious disease) spreads throughout the world, impacting myriad of countries.

For Live Updates on Coronavirus Outbreak numbers, Click Here.

Latest Updates on the Coronavirus Outbreak

The latest news on Coronavirus reveals that over 47 countries have been taken over by respiratory syndrome Coronavirus outbreak so far. Impacted countries are taking precautionary measures to avoid any further infection. While flights to other countries are being cancelled, people showing mild symptoms are quarantined & kept under observation.

Let us take a look at latest updates on Coronavirus Epidemic from impacted countries:

Update from South Korea

Today South Korea reported 813 new Coronavirus Infection cases, making the total number of infected people to 3,150, the report by Korea centers for Disease & Control & Prevention says. The number of people succumbed to Corona Virus remains 13.

Coronavirus pandemic 2

According to the latest news, South Korea has the largest number of Coronavirus Infection outside China. The South Korean officials said that the numbers of confirmed cases are suspected to rise sharply. 86% of the patients have been reported from the south-eastern city of Daegu & nearby towns.

K-Pop Megastars BTS, the South Korean boy band, canceled four of their concerts that were scheduled at Olympic Stadium, in Seoul in April 2020, citing Coronavirus Outbreak.

Update from New Zealand

New Zealand confirmed first Coronavirus case on Friday. The patient is 60 years old, who recently returned from Iran. As per the latest update, the person is being treated at Auckland City. The family members of the patient have been quarantined as a precaution.

The country took a precautionary measure to avoid any further Coronavirus infection & placed a temporary restriction on the travelers arriving from Iran.

New Zealand Health Ministry on Corona Virus

The Health Minister, David Clark said that the people coming from Iran will not be able to enter New Zealand. In addition to that, people who are in Iran from past 14 days need to isolate themselves.

The step was taken after the death toll in Iran rose to 26, the highest number of death in a country outside China so far.

Coronavirus in Nigeria –

Nigeria reported first confirmed case of Corona Virus infection in the sub-Saharan Africa on Friday, 28th February 2020.

The infected person belongs to Italy; however he is working in Nigeria. On 25th February, he visited the densely populated commercial city of Lagos from Milan. According to the sources, the patient is stable & shows no serious Coronavirus symptoms. He is being treated at a hospital in Nigeria.

Corona Virus in Nigeria

Algeria & Egypt from the African continent have too confirmed the cases of infection.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has expressed deep concern over the confirmed corona virus case in Nigeria. The WHO has warned that Africa’s fragile health systems shows substantial threat posed by Coronavirus.

Update from Canada on Coronavirus outbreak

Canada confirmed 16th case of Corona Virus infection this morning. The patient is an Ontario resident who recently traveled to Egypt.

This 80-years old man is said to have gone to the Emergency Department of hospital after arriving in Toronto from Egypt on 20th February. The patient is now quarantined at his home.

Surprisingly, the first case of infection in Canada is a person who holds no travel history to either China or Iran. In fact, they never had contact with any person who traveled to impacted countries or was tested positive for infection.

Cases of Infection on Rise in Middle East –

Saudi Arabia – With over 220 confirmed cases of Corona Virus infection, Saudi Arabia has temporarily suspended the entry to pilgrimage sites of Mecca & Medina.

Following the ban, foreign pilgrims & people from GCC will not be allowed to enter the country. Also, tourists from the countries with confirmed cases of infection will be denied visas.

Corona Virus In Middle East

Iran– Iran is the hardest-hit nation of the Middle East with over 590 confirmed cases of infected & death toll risen to 40.

100 of the Government officials in Iran were tested for the infection, out of which 5 MPs were tested positive of infection.

Israel – The Health Ministry of Iran has confirmed fourth confirmed case of infection. The patient is said to have been in close contact with a man who tested positive for infection after returning from Italy.

Updates from Other Parts of the World

While countries such as Belarus & Lithuania reported their first case of Coronavirus infection, countries such as UK, Austria, Spain, Germany, Greece & France have reported new cases of infection.

Countries such as Netherlands, Thailand & Georgia reported second confirmed case of infection yesterday.

Schools in Japan & Hong Kong have been locked down until April due to the infection.

Russia on the other hand has announced restrictions on people from traveling to Russia from majorly hit countries – Iran & South Korea.

Switzerland, as a precautionary measure to prevent Corona Virus Outbreak, has suspended all the major events. The latest update from Switzerland reports 15 confirmed cases of infection.

GDC 2020 Cancelled, citing Coronavirus Outbreak

The 2020 Game Developers Conference has been cancelled, citing Coronavirus. GDC 2020 Organizers yesterday announced that the event, which was scheduled between March 16th & 20th, has been called off. They are likely to organize the GDC 2020 later in summers this year.

The announcement was made few hours after a second confirmed case of Corona Virus infection was reported in California with an unknown origin.

All the major tech giant participants such as Facebook, Sony, Microsoft and Amazon denied sending their people to the GDC fearing the Corona Virus Epidemic.

Many of the major events such as Mobile World Congress, Facebook’s F8 Developer Event and Geneva Motor Show have been dropped off the schedule due to Corona Virus wide-spread.



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