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Tata Group to Launch Indian Zara – A Cheaper Fashion Chain

Good News for all the Trend-conscious Indians!

Tata Trent, one of the leading & branded retail Industry in India, is seeking to accelerate the supply of its fast fashion chain & launch its own Indian Zara, a cheaper fashion chain – at half the price.

Indian Zara

Trent was established in 1998 by the Tata Group & today, it ranks amongst the top-notch retail industries in India. Trent’s consistent emphasis on the inspirational trendiness & multi-channel approach to the sales is the reason why it is swaying on the voyage of success.

India’s Largest Retail Conglomerate to Launch A Cheaper Fashion Line

For over a period of ten years, Tata Group has been working as a partner of Inditex SAs to run Zara Stores in India. This partnership is considered as India’s largest Conglomerate in the Retail Industry.

And now, according to the latest fashion news, this renowned collaboration is all set to bring forth its very own Apparel Kingdom, the Indian Zara, that too at half the price.

As per the sources, Tata’s Retail Arm, Trent Ltd has modulated its cheaper fashion chain in order to transport its “Fast Fashion” to the customers in mere 12 days.

Fast Fashion

No wonder why Zara is considered as jewel of the Retail World. It leaves the world enticed by bringing in remarkable new designs & products at a lightning speed & making them available to the customers around the globe in few weeks.

Now, Trent aims to launch over 40 Apparel outlets every year under its flagship Westside. In addition to that, it seeks to set up hundreds of Zudio Stores, one of the four formats that Trent is currently operating across.

Newly Trend-conscious middle-class population & globalized consumers lie amongst the Trent’s targeted audience. The revamped fast & cheaper fashion chain seeks to provide everything for not more than $15, across India.

Trent’s Response to Increased Demand

Though Trent was launched in year 1998, it began to ramp up & expand its store in response to the increased demand.

The chairman of the Tata Group, Noel Tata, said that while the middle-class is showing immense growth in finances & income,  the time is ideal to stretch our capabilities & grow even faster.

Being a part of the Tata’s salt-to-software conglomerate, Trent seeks to expand its Indian Zara fast fashion chain rapidly & become as prevalent in Asia as Zara is in the West.

However, the Trent would need to take a giant leap over both local stores & already prevailing e-commerce jumbos.



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