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TORUK Show | Cirque Du Soleil Is Now A History!

As the TORUK show comes to a halt, it also concluded the digital experiment that made your mobile device fragile. On 30th June, 2019, the renowned Cirque du Soleil events performed for the last time in London.


Toruk Show


There is famous saying – ‘There is no rainbow without the rain!’

Similarly, this unfortunate news is followed by a positive effect. With the conclusion of Cirque du Soleil, the notorious mobile app – ‘TORUK the first flight app’ will no longer be commercialized. Most likely, Cirque du Soleil shows will soon drag this insecure mobile app from the app stores.

Confused? What is the reason behind the closure of such an amazing application?

The TORUK app was the true companion of the TORUK show visitors. Apart from depicting the best route to reach the theater, it helps the visitors in locating their seat. The app enhances your experience with synchronized audiovisual effects. The list of utilities is not yet over! Undoubtedly, it boosts the experience of Cirque du Soleil Theater however, it fails to match the security guidelines.

Scroll down for the major security issues caught in the TORUK the first flight app:

When you open the TORUK app to discover the nearby Bluetooth devices, it connects you to a local port, which can access and control your mobile. The major problem is that, who so ever is connected to the local network is expose to the same risk. The network scans the IP of the connected devices and can take control over the device. This makes it apparent that the security guidelines were ignored while designing the application.

With the control in the hacker’s hand, the application modifies your facebook settings and ‘autolike’ the TORUK show page. In addition, the hackers can steal your personal information from your device.

Keeping the vulnerability in mind, we recommend you to immediately uninstall the TORUK app from your mobile devices. With over 100,000 installs on Google Play, this app is big threat to your privacy.




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