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“We received a letter from one of our readers. We published the first one & received the second in the series. The article is interesting and worth reading. It churns the wheels of the mind factory and gets you thinking. We are publishing this and waiting for his third letter to come. He has promised interesting reads. . The reader wanted us to publish the series of his write ups. We are publishing it in the News Section till the time we create a category for readers articles.”

In Continuation “To THE UNSAID TRUTH BEHIND THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC | Series Post-01

In the last article, I discussed ongoing Covid-19 problems and consequences. With no solutions and the storm that doesn’t seem to end, the flood that doesn’t seem to stop flowing, the tornado that doesn’t stop spinning, luckily, one thing is very clear from golden words of the history that this too shall pass. I assured in the last article that I will start providing solutions to all problems simultaneously and here we are with the first line of defense.

As I said in the previous post – “The solution of any problem always lies in the problem itself, which I believe strongly.”

By now, it is extremely clear that the coronavirus gets defeated by a strong immune system. The question is how to defeat Coronavirus with or without a strong immune system. The solution is quite simple. A strong immune system needs to get stronger for old age and for existing & future health issues. The weaker one needs more focus and dedication with emphasis on consistency towards building a strong immunity. This is perhaps why Viktor Frankl said, “Between stimulus and response there is space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom”. Survival is not an option, it is the need of the hour, which must be placed at the highest priority.

The power of the immune system to fight and destroy all bacteria and viruses by developing antibodies at an accelerated rate is not only the unbeatable weapon but the inbuilt vaccine itself. This is true at least till the time an artificial vaccine arrives. A strong immune system has few components that are mastered with practice and consistency resulting in automated survival against all health odds.

Eat RightThe first and the most important one is Nutrition & Balanced Diet. The rule garbage in garbage out and excess of anything is bad, is strongly recommended. Honestly, it is not rocket science and doesn’t need a PhD in nutrition to get on the right track. Intake of Protein, green leafy vegetables, fruits, nuts and a lot of water in a balanced quantity is the ammunition to the immune system. Instead of eating three big meals, divide your meals into 5 and the last meal should be the lightest. Avoid eating a lot of junk food that is rich in carbohydrates like potatoes, sugar, fried food, dairy and bread. This food might make you feel full but at the end of the day add to your cholesterol level and weaken your immune system. You will notice that physically fit people have a stronger immune system than that of obese people.

The second most important component is Physical Exercise. I have categorically mentioned the word “physical” because mental work is what we get tired from. It is highly recommended that an adult Exerciseshould brisk walk supplemented with stretching or Yoga for at least for an hour. A child below the age of 15 should workout at least for 2 hours, as they have time. This will help improve digestion and kick start your immune system by adequately absorbing the nutritional diet. As we all know that the fitness centers are closed, so we must make the best use of what we have. Just simple walking, stretching, running and playing outdoor games should do the trick. Above all, remember not to do any work out without warm-up. Exercising will not only help you burn what you have eaten, it also helps to build a stronger heart which is what keep the body machine working.

The third and my favorite component is Sleep. Without proper eight-hours of peaceful sleep, the above two components will not be activated to their full strength. You can watch a movieSleep or read a book if that helps you to fall asleep. Your mind must be relaxed and your body must feel tired for you to get that baby sleep. A night of peaceful sleep is what will help you to revive your organs especially your mind. Most importantly, it will boost your energy level for the next day. When the cycle of proper diet, exercise and sleep is repeated over and over again, you will see noticeable strength building in your body and your immune system. You will simply feel the strength when you will walk, sit, bend down or just take stairs. Your gut feeling will tell you that you are ready. Consistency and Practice are shadows of the whole process.

The fourth component of Vital Immune system is Sun. Vitamin D, it is a very important Sun Exposuresupplement that enhances the immune system to its highest capability. Sunlight is an excellent source of vitamin D. For an adequate absorption of Vitamin D, Experts recommends a minimum of 15 minutes every alternate day during early hours of the day.

The fifth component is Precaution. As they say that prevention is better than cure, hence we must implement what is highly recommended. Although, there is still a huge debate aPrecautionsbout wearing a mask and going out daily in densely populated areas as the possibility of spread is too high, we must follow all precautions laid by our government and WHO.  Simple things like wearing a mask, covering your head including ears and wearing sunglasses to fully protect yourself. This is even more necessary if the virus thing is airborne. So far from what we have noticed, it is safe to assume that any open outlet in your body should be fully covered & above all wash your hands with soap regularly.

Life never gives you a second chance & here, life may not get a second chance. Those who do the right thing now will never regret it and those who wait for the right time will never understand how important NOW is. Yesterday is History, tomorrow is Mystery and Today is a gift that’s why they call it Present. Enjoy the Present by doing the right thing NOW.

I will cover financial solutions in the next letter. Till Then Stay Safe, stay healthy & god bless you all.

To be Continued……

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