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Prepare for Coronavirus | Symptoms & Possible Precautions

While the fatal Coronavirus pandemic has swept across the globe, we have curated a meticulous guide consisting of spread methods & possible Coronavirus precautions to help you combat this infection.

Coronavirus Total Deaths & Infections

As per the latest update, the novel Coronavirus outbreak that began from Chinese city Wuhan in December 2019 has taken over 145 countries & territories till date. The number of people succumbed to this deadly virus is 5,547, while over 1, 48, 922 have been rendered infected. According to the Chinese scientists, two types of novel COVID-19 are causing substantial infections globally.

Even as the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared corona virus a pandemic, read on to know how to prepare for Coronavirus –

Catch up the live Coronavirus updates on active cases & deaths by clicking here.

What is Coronavirus (COVID- 19)?

Coronavirus is a clan of viruses that causes ailments in human beings, ranging from mild common cold to severe diseases such as Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) & Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS).

The “Corona” word has been added as a prefix to this virus for the crown-like spikes that appear on the virus’s outer surface.

Coronavirus Structure

The COVID-19 is the new strain of the Coronavirus Family, which has not only infected lakhs globally, but killed thousands.

Understanding how does Coronavirus Spreads

The novel Coronavirus is highly contagious. Here are few of the ways by which this deadly virus can proliferate –

1). The COVID-19 can spread from the sick person to a healthy person – when saliva droplets from the cough & sneeze of the infected person get into the eyes, nose or mouth of the healthy person. Surprisingly, the droplets can travel up to 6 feet!

2). It can spread from person to person – up to 3 feet when an infected person breathes out, coughs or sneezes.

3). It can spread via people who show no symptoms, but are still infectious. The novel COVID-19 infection can take up to 14 days to show symptoms.

4). The novel Coronavirus can spread via things used by infected person. It can remain on things the infected person laid his hands on.

Coronavirus Precautions Image

For example – their hands, door knobs, train straps, pens, mouse, chop-sticks, digital devices (phone, laptops), tissue, lift buttons, stair banisters & cups.

In case, a healthy person touches his/her mouth, face, nose or eyes after touching these infected things, the coronavirus infection can spread.

5). The COVID-19 can last on the objects for hours. Experiments have found that the coronavirus can last on –

Hands – 10 minutes

Cardboard – 24 hours

Plastic & Stainless Steel – 3 days

Copper Surface – 4 hours

Air – Three hours

Moist Surfaces – 9 days

A healthy person can contract coronavirus in case he touches the infected objects.

Common coronavirus symptoms

Mentioned below are some of the common (2019-nCOv) Coronavirus Symptoms:

1). Runny Nose

2). Sore Throat

3). Cough

4). Fever

5). Shortness of Breath

Severe coronavirus symptoms include worst case of pneumonia, severe acute respiratory syndrome & kidney failure, which may lead to death.

Coronavirus Precautions | How to protect yourself from coronavirus

Prevention is the cure – that’s how the world can combat with the fatal COVID-2019.

While currently available medicines have shown no evidences of curing the coronavirus infection, the WHO has urged the world to practice Coronavirus Precautions to treat the infection.

Here is a list of few possible Coronavirus Precautions that can be implemented to relieve the symptoms:

1). Keep a distance of around 2 meters from the person who is visibly coughing or sneezing. Doing so will keep you safe from the large droplets.

2). Hand over masks to the sick people. They can cough/sneeze into the mask & throw it away after use. This way, they will protect others from getting infected.

3). Avoid going to crowded places as you do not know who might be infected. In case of an emergency, wear a mask while moving out of home.

4). Avoid shaking hands with people. Greet people with “Namaste”.

Prevention is the Cure to Coronavirus

5). Do not touch your face, eyes & nose. If you have to, wash your hands up to elbows with alcohol-based hand wash thoroughly for at least 20 seconds.

6). Throw the masks after they start feeling gross. The masks are not to be used for more than a day. Also, avoid touching outside of the mask. If you did, worry not! Simply wash your hands thoroughly.

7). One of the effective Coronavirus precautions is not sharing food, utensils & other daily-use essentials. Every member of the family should have their towels & combs.

8). Wash your hands thoroughly before eating & after being out in the public.

Course of Treatment for the Novel Coronavirus

In case you are showing mild symptoms of coronavirus (headache, low-grade fever or slightly runny nose), proper rest & medication can aid in mitigating the outbreak.

1). Get a humidifier installed in your home (bed-room).

2). Self-quarantine by staying in your bed-room, until you recover. Limiting your contact with other family members will prevent infection from spreading.

3). Take hot showers to relieve sore throat & cough.

4). Intake lots of fluids & keep warm.

5). Ensure using a tissue or covering your mouth & nose with your bent elbow while sneezing or coughing. Dispose of the tissue after use.

6). In case the symptoms persist, seek medical advice promptly. Call the doctor and tell about your travel history & contact with the travelers, if any.

While the cure for novel coronavirus outbreak is still not known, practicing Coronavirus precautions can greatly help in preventing the outbreak.

Remember, the Prevention is the Cure!



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