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Trump’s Triumph – Jim Mattis sacked on Syria pop quiz!

Donald Trump is back in the Headlines for his decision to oust the national treasure ahead of time!

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis’s resignation has triggered irk & anxiety & also a steady stream of kudos among the masses for the 68 year old.

Jim Mattis

Hailed as a national treasure & praised for his moral compass & sound judgment, Jim Mattis disgruntled from the administration’s mukry foreign policy resigned from the post of Defense Secretary on 20th December 2018.

Trump’s surprise decisions to yank troops from Syria & his plans of drawdown in Afghanistan acted as a fuel to Mattis’s decision to leave the administration. The longest-serving senior cabinet official was particularly enraged with Trump’s treatment towards America’s international alliances.

Mattis implicitly criticized Trump for failing to value America’s closest allies who fought alongside the United States in its major conflicts.

Trump’s decision witnessed withering criticism from fellow republicans, Democrats & International allies.  His unpredictable decree on the troops in Syria & Afghanistan was against the advice of his top aides & US commanders.

President Donald Trump took to Twitter on Christmas Eve to air his enrage against the senior official who recently resigned from his administration, friend-turned-foe James Mattis.

Furious with the growing hype of Jim Mattis’s resignation, Trump declared early transition for Defense Secretary Designation. He stated that the Deputy Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan would take over for Mattis on an acting basis on 1st of January.

Patrick Shanahan

In his defense on remarks for impeding friendly terms with the allies, he further stated that though allies are important but not when they take advantage of US.

To pacify the frustration among the masses for the outgoing of defense secretary, Trump stated that Jim Mattis, the retired Marine general, had been “ingloriously fired” by former President Barack Obama. Mattis was given a second chance by President Trump. Moreover Trump called the former Boeing Co executive “very talented” & guaranteed his work efficiency.



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