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What is Julienne Cut ?

How to Slice The Vegetables In Julienne Cut

Julienne” is a French cooking term. It is used when the vegetables, meat or fruit are cut in thin strips or slices. This is referred to as Julienne Cut. These strips are about 3 inches in length and 1/16- to 1/8-inch thick.  Ever wondered why a restaurant dish looks more inviting? It is because of the basic knife techniques. Learning and using this method of Julienning vegetables will make your plating and presentation amazing but will also give you a more controlled cooking

Let us see how to Julienne carrots:

Required: Peeled carrot, chopping board, chopping knife


  • Cut the bottom and top of the peeled carrots and cut them into pieces of 2 to 3 inches in lengths.

Juilenne Step 1 Pieces

  • To create a rectangle share we would have to trim the rounded sides of each piece. These trimmed round portions can also be julienned or used with other dishes or salads.

Juilenne Step 2 Rectangle

  • Cut each rectangle lengthwise into slices that are 1/8-inch thick.

Juilenne Step 3 Slices

  • Stack these slices on top of each other. To begin with 4 should be enough. Now start cutting the stack lengthwise again. This will create thin batons. These baton are  called “julienne.” Repeat the procedure until you are done with the rest of the pieces.

Juilenne Step 4 Baton

Trick with leafy vegetables like basil:

This method works with many vegetables and even some herbs.

Start with large basil leaves that are still unbruised.

  • Wash then and then dry then. Once done stack them together like sheets of paper.

Basil Roll 

  • Gently roll up one stack into a loose cigar shape.Using a sharp knife, slice across the roll to make very thin julienne called “chiffonade.”

Julienne Basil Chop

Tip: Once cut or chopped, basil discolors very quickly upon exposure to air. Thus, we would advise Julienning basic only at the last minute of its use.



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