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Affiliate Marketing Summit | A Scope For Budding Entrepreneurs

Affiliate Marketing Summit

Affiliate World Europe is the world’s most premium gathering that involves some of the most influential and performance marketers along with Entrepreneurs. This year it will be held at Barcelona in Spain from 8th of August to 11th of August.




These people come together to promote the cause of Entrepreneurship and to deduce ways with which new entrepreneurs can enhance their business performance. You will meet some of the most vibrant and glorious minds. The minds who have contributed their lives towards promoting performance based business development. If you are enthusiastic enough to push your career to pinnacle, this is the ultimate opportunity.

Exposure to master-class content, marketing ideas and marketing techniques is one among many other features of the summit.

Affiliate Marketing Summit, 2019, Barcelona

The event is fortunate enough to gather a total of more than 3000 attendees and more than 100 advertisers who share their experiences. More than 30 speakers facilitate the attendees with the wisdom they’ve gained in their entire business/life struggle. These speakers are industrial leaders who will provide insights on the work procedure and to focus on Data-driven knowledge. They will also present the innovative ideas on performance marketing that will help the young lads in entrepreneurship field.

The Key market leaders who will come forward for sharing their experiences are:

  • Gabriella Rapone, CEO, Ace Marketing Media
  • Samuel Bevan, Global Online Sales, Regional Manager (EMEA), Snap .Inc
  • Jason Akatiff, Founder & CEO, A4D Performance Network
  • Tim Burd, Co-founder, Agency Y
  • Erik Gyepes, Founder & CEO, DEPI Media FZE
  • Dee Deng, Head of Growth, Right Hook Digital
  • Cat Howell, Founder and CEO, 8 Loop Social
  • Ezra Firestone, Co-founder and CEO, Smart Marketer .Inc
  • Simon Mader, Co-founder, AdBaker
  • Matthew Woodward, Owner, MatthewWoodward.co.uk

There are many other market leaders who will be sharing their intense fights (metaphorically) within the market.

The Events will commence from 8th of july and thereafter will be as such:


Table of events at AWE


So, what are you waiting for? Do not miss the learning Opportunity at the Affiliate Marketing Summit, 2019, Barcelona, Spain. Book a Spain Visa now!



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