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Ralph Lauren launched its “SEE NOW BUY NOW” Collection at New York

Ralph Lauren launched its SEE NOW BUY NOW Collection in a show at Bedford, New York Tuesday evening. The house was packed with around 300 on invite guests. Some of the eminent names included Jessica Chastain, Armie Hammer, Katie Holmes and Diane Keaton. The show was hosted at Lauren’s owned garage for classic cars.


The dress code for the event was black and white formals. The arrangement was kept formal and highly extravagant. A lavish dinner followed the event. The show was nothing less than an eye candy.  The focus of the event and the collection displayed is now on attracting the millennials, to the new creatives from the company. Ralph Lauren’s Press team also set up and elaborate content to for the social media leading up to the event.

Lauren combined both the model genders for the first time. The event focused on a small ramp with the classiest of cars. Models like Bella and Anwar Hadid, Kendall Jenner, Taylor Hill, Romme Stijd and Presley Gerber sizzled the ramp. The ramp walk was small and was concentrated on circling around a small selection of the rare automobiles. This was an absolute display of the fall collection the Ralph Style — “See Now, Buy Now” collection.

The show started with the classic, neutral Glen plaid and houndstooth suiting and outerwear. This was for both the genders. Thereafter followed the dresses in the same color and similar patterns. These dresses were amazingly fancy and glittery productions. This was followed by gown in Sparkling Silver and gunmetal colors. Now this was an amazing Ralph Lauren Style Launch. 



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