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Another, and perhaps more important, reason is that an

uk canada goose outlet Dennett and LaScola study of nonbelieving clergy Why Evolution Is True uk canada goose outlet

Canada Goose Jackets Imagine being forced to go to work every day and, as part of the job, profess something that you absolutely don believe. More than that: at least once a week you have to publicly profess it, and also counsel other people on the explicit premise that you share the beliefs you reject. In other words, you forced to live a lie. Canada Goose Jackets

cheap Canada Goose Such is the position of canada goose outlet toronto clergy who don believe in God. Yes, there are some of them, and they the subject of a new study by Daniel Dennett and Linda LaScola from Tufts University, who canada goose outlet new york city are not believers. You can find that 28 page study at the Washingon Post Faith section (click the link on that page to download the pdf). I recommend reading it if you have time. cheap Canada Goose

Dennett and LaScola managed to find and interview five Protestant Given the liberality of today clergy, and the resistance of many nonbelieving preachers to participate in the study, this may be only the tip of the iceberg. Although some interviewees accept a numinous notion that might be termed none of them believe in the theistic God limned by the faith they profess. Here the testimony of a Southern Baptist preacher:

“OK, this God created me. It’s a perfect God that knows everything; can do anything. And somehow it got messed up, and it’s my fault. So he had to send his son to die for me to fix it. And he does. And now I’m supposed canada goose premium outlet to beat myself to death the rest of my life over it. It makes no sense to me. Don’t you think a God could come up with a better plan than that?”

canada goose “What kind of personality; what kind of being is this that had to create these other beings to worship and tell him how wonderful he is? That makes no sense, if this God canada goose factory outlet is all knowing and all wise and all wonderful. I can’t comprehend that that’s what kind of person God is.” canada goose

canadian goose jacket “Every church I’ve been in preached that the Jonah in cheap canada goose the Whale story is literally true. And I’ve never believed that. You mean to tell me a human was in the belly of that whale? For three days? And then the whale spit him out on the shoreline? And, of course, their convenient logic is, ‘Well, God can do anything.'” canadian goose jacket

“Well, I think most Christians have to canada goose outlet sale be in a canada goose jacket outlet store state of denial to read the Bible and believe it. Because there are so many contradicting stories. You’re encouraged to be violent on one page, and you’re encouraged to give sacrificial love on another page. You’re encouraged to bash a baby’s head on one page, and there’s other pages that say, you know, give your brother your fair share of everything you have if they ask for it.”

“But if God was going to reveal himself to us, don’t you think it would be in a way that we wouldn’t question? I mean, if I was wanting to havepeople teach about the BibleI would probably make sure they knew I existed. I mean, I wouldn’t send them mysterious notes, encrypted in a way that it took a linguist to figure out.”

buy canada goose jacket cheap I can help but note that was influenced by canada goose outlet paypal an classic argument for atheism: if God wants us to know his presence, why is He always hidden? Isn it more canada goose outlet in vancouver parsimonious to posit the absence of God rather than a God who, for reasons that elude us, is always just around the corner? Theologians, of course, have lots of arguments why the absence of God is precisely the evidence that God exists. buy canada goose jacket cheap

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Surprisingly, two of the clergy lost their faith, in part, by reading new atheist books by Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens. Even Bill Maher movie, Religulous, influenced one of them. So much for the notion that new atheism makes canada goose outlet store quebec no converts. speaks: Canada Goose Coats On Sale

canada goose clearance “I tell you, the book that just grabbed my mind and just twisted it around, was Christopher Hitchens’ God is Not Great. It was shocking, some of that stuff the throws and jabs against faith and stuff. I would think, ‘He’s crazy.’ But then I’d say, canada goose outlet jackets ‘No. Step back and read it for what it is.’ canada goose clearance

Canada Goose Parka The preachers testimony makes a sad but enlightening read. The road to eroded faith is tortuous, but often involved exposure to Biblical scholarship at the seminary or graduate school. Faced with the notion that the Bible is a human construct, and not the canada goose outlet montreal inerrant word of God, several of these preachers began to question everything. Canada Goose Parka

Why do these canada goose outlet in uk preachers stay in the faith and on canada goose outlet us the job? Three reasons, mostly. One is financial: what else could they do with their training if they left the ministry? Often they have neither equity (living in church owned houses) nor pensions. Another, and perhaps more important, reason is that an admission of unbelief would shock and disappoint their friends and family. This is a very powerful motive, for facing the truth would rip asunder your network of social and family support. We encountered this before in the admission of Karl Giberson, still a professed believer, head of BioLogos, and someone who may be teetering canada goose outlet in usa on the edge of apostasy:

cheap canada goose uk As a purely practical matter, I have compelling reasons to canada goose vest outlet believe in God. My parents are deeply committed Christians and would be devastated, were canada goose jacket uk I to reject my faith. My wife and children believe in God, and we attend church together regularly. Most of my friends canada goose outlet location are believers. I have a job I love at a Christian college that would be forced to dismiss me if I were to reject the faith that underpins canada goose outlet in toronto the mission of the college. Abandoning belief in God would be disruptive, sending my life completely off the rails. cheap canada goose uk

canada goose clearance sale Finally, many of these preachers like their work, especially the part of the job that involves helping troubled people. Jack again: canada goose clearance sale

Canada Goose online “And canada goose discount uk that’s what people told me my best skills were dealing with people. I can be with somebody and genuinely have empathy with them, and concern and love and help them get through a difficult situation. And every time that I canada goose outlet kokemuksia did it, those people thought that I was wonderful. And they would just bend over backwards to tell me ‘Thank you.’ That was one of my strengths. Being with somebody when their husband died. And just holding their hand, or putting my arm around them. But I never said ‘Now, he’s in heaven. Aren’t you glad for him?'” Canada Goose online

There absolutely no doubt that faith, and religious institutions, have provided important help for those in need or in trouble. Some religions do this more than others. Sikhs, for example, seem to have a well developed system of intra faith welfare. Such help doesn of course, prove the existence of God or support canada goose outlet real any of the fact claims of faith, nor does it offset all the harms that faith has wrought on humanity. I haven yet read these. There are also (surprisingly few) comments by readers.

uk canada goose If a person has the ability to listen and be empathetic while canada goose jacket outlet sale not wanting to be an psychologist, than one canada goose factory outlet toronto location of the few places where https://www.canadagoosepark.com that kind of person can find a job at present is in an religious institution. uk canada goose

This kind of canada goose outlet uk service was once given by the old time general medical practitioner and by the parish priest (if you got lucky).

canada goose store If you are friendless or without family or unable to get along with your family but yet have no psychological problems, where do you go to feel like you belong and are not alone? A bar, a sex worker? (the bar is legal, not the sex worker in most places). canada goose store

canada goose uk outlet We frown on placing a price on empathy. canada goose outlet toronto factory And canada goose outlet nyc yet there are many in the religious field who do that kind of response, just listen, hold the other hand, and just be there. But they are not getting paid for that, they are getting paid because they are blathering about the supernatural. The supernatural is totally unimportant and irrelevant, but not empathy. As religious followers decline, will we have the focus to set up finally a vocation whose selling point is the giving out of empathy? canada goose uk outlet

canada goose coats In Europe, this role is often fulfilled by social workers. canada goose coats

canada goose uk shop isn’t it a shame that there aren’t secular communities where those with altruistic instincts can “minister” without hypocrisy or fear? one can make a very compelling argument that a huge part of the reason why there are people in need of help to begin with is the close link between the social structure we have and religion in its various forms. canada goose uk shop

I can easily envision a society where there is no need for altruistic acts and where there is no religious influence, and there is a casual link between the latter and the former.



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