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PNT Food

PNT Food is a hub of delightful recipes. Refer to the recipes to flaunt your culinary skills.

About Payal Jethani

Cooking is something that comes naturally. Though the term *cook* within a restaurant kitchen usually refers to a person with little to no creative influence on the cuisine but I love to cook and be creative at the same time. This love for food and taste made me a creative cook. The blend of what I learnt prior to my marriage and what I had to cook after that gave me a lot of knowledge and experience. The appreciation of my friends and family and the thirst to learn, made me test and try a lot of cuisines. I thought sharing my recipes and experience with you through this forum would be a wonderful idea. Share with me a recipe that you might have or request a recipe or just provide feedback. I would appreciate your input and would continue to evolve. Happy Cooking!!

About Sugandha Mathur

Cooking has been my passion since childhood and has taught me to be happy, patient, creative, simple and most importantly to share. The encouragement and appreciation of my family and friends turned me into a passionate cook. Subsequently, I decided to transform my passion into profession and hence I started with a small venture of my own. Really overwhelmed with the response I am getting, I really feel encouraged by the positive testimonies and constant appreciation. I hope you will enjoy my recipes… Happy Cooking!!