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The FA want the 2030 World Cup but FIFA would rather they were

“All I know is he’s been awesome to have in the gym. It’s like having another coach. The film sessions, he speaks up as much as any coach on our staff. The FA want the 2030 World Cup but FIFA would rather they were lumped in with us and the Welsh. The door is open.Everyone knows the Hampden refurb was botched in the 1990s in the wake of the Taylor Report.Blimey, we spent just bolting seats down at one end and chucked a couple of million to do the other two sides of the bowl.It was a band aid job even back then and it’s incredible to think we’re still lumped with the same elastoplast on 25 years later.The chucked at the main stand has made it one of the best in the business but we all know the rest isn’t up to the job.We’ll need a similar chunk of dosh this time around to finally finish the job but the last thing we want is the SFA saddled with a generation worth of debt at a time when every penny they make should be ploughed into the grassroots development needed to ensure we’ve got players eventually playing at Hampden who are able to trap a bag of cement.The World Cup is the key. The event is worth billions to the country if it’s done right.England has already spent on Wembley and the Olympic Stadium (with West Ham chucked another to turn it into a football ground) and they already have their grounds in place.Chuck in Manchester in 2002 and it defies belief we managed to host a Commonwealth Games and yet all we got was a lick of paint and a fancy new driveway at Celtic Park.

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